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Destination Indianapolis: For Real This Time!

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As many of you who have followed Jamie and I know, we have never felt settled in our current home and ever since we have been married we have been waiting to move on to a place that we can call home. Throughout the past several years, we’ve looked several times at the housing market to see if we could practically sell our house and not take a significant hit. Every time we have become more and more discouraged. We’ve put great effort into paying down mortgages, saving, being patient, and keeping an eye to the future. We have always seen Indianapolis as an end destination as that is where Jamie’s family is all located…though we have flirted with other stops along the way…but ultimately been sitting in Schaumburg anxiously awaiting. Well, the next step in the plan is in action!

Our New House in Brownsburg, IN

On July 9th, Jamie and I will be moving to our new house in Brownsburg, IN! It was the first house that we looked at, and ultimately the easy one out of 15-20 houses that Jamie and I agreed was our #1 pick…after that we couldn’t agree on what our #2 choice would be. After some back and forth with the sellers, we had a deal! The house is within 2-10 minutes of all of Jamie’s family, and quite honestly we feel that with the housing market the way it is, we are getting a steal of a deal and a wonderful house.

What about our current place in Schaumburg? Well, after much reluctance on my part, I’m succumbing to the plan of renting it out via a management company until selling it is a viable option.

What about work? Transitions are bittersweet. This does mean that I will ultimately no longer be working full time at Willow Creek – however I will be continuing to work there through the Leadership Summit Conference which is the first week of August. After that point, I’ll be focusing on freelance opportunities, continuing with website design/development, etc. The past 2 years I have been doing freelance audio mixing at various churches around Chicago on Sundays, this may very well mean I will still be coming up to Chicago on the weekends.  Need of some audio engineering, system tuning, integrations, web design, voice overs, ProTools work/mixing/mastering, etc.? Drop me an email at

What about…Chicago?? Chicago sports have a spot in my heart. Da Bears! 🙂

What is your new address going to be? You’ll be able to find that on my Facebook profile.

With our moving date being 2 weeks away from today – it all is still a little surreal that this is actually happening. But, every time we hear our neighbor’s loud music, every time Jamie is scared of tornados because we don’t have a basement to go to, every time we are looking for something then realize it is in the storage unit, and every time we feel our walls closing in around us, our excitement for our next place just builds and builds.

Here we go!!

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