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Moving On

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Shoot – I happened to fly through my blog yesterday and realized that I hadn’t posted anything since my ‘regret’ post.  Well, that’s definitely not an accurate representation of life here.  While yes I definitely regretted what I wrote on this here blog a while back, as opposed to how this blog would appear, I am not allowing that to weigh me down.  On the contrary, I spent that day dealing with how I made a mistake, it was my fault, and learning from that process.  The next day, I woke up, and it was a brand new day with a brand new outlook and horizon.

What’s this mean?  Something new is ahead, something unexpected, something different.  How exciting is that?!?  Sure it’s a little bit daunting not knowing exactly what that might be, but hey in the meantime I’m able to reconnect with friends at various gigs around the city here and offer my help to them.  I actually do enjoy the relaxed days of being on the computer, doing some web design, exploring new technologies, experimenting with different software or server and definitely sometimes getting frustrated and scratching the whole project.

A lot of people in the first week were coming up to me asking if I was ok, how I was doing, etc.  Totally felt loved and cared about which is so appreciated.  But really, I am ok.  Our bills are paid this month and will be next month too.  There’s different jobs/gigs coming in that will keep us going.  Jamie is able to pick up some more hours at the portrait studio.  Things are alright.  Sure the bank accounts might be dipping a little lower than I might be comfortable with, but as Jamie and I have said to each other, things could be much worse and we’re still blessed to be where we are.

Speaking of where we are – are we still moving?  🙂  I should rename this blog – to move or not to move.  Well, the definite answer is that yes we are moving.  When and where?!  To be determined.  The fact of the matter is that we can’t even show the house yet because some of us are a little backed up in getting everything packed and making the house ready to show.  I guess it’s not as much of a huge priority since we don’t know where the next steady gig will be or really have the funding right now to get into the next place, but moving somewhere (Indy/Nashville) is definitely in our future.

Side note – I didn’t really ever mention that a few of the local Chicago news stations got word of my little scenario of getting canned over a blog and asked if I would be willing to sit down in front of a camera to tell my story and to encourage others to be careful what they write online at their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Thanks to the wise council of my friends, I’m letting that 5 minutes of fame pass by for the sake of the career.  Sure would have been fun though.

So ya – web designing a lot, keeping in touch with old friends, and making myself available to the next gig needing an audio engineer, tour manager, production guy, whatever!  If you might be in need of any of that – hit me up!

I got the webcam hooked up and been Skyping pretty frequently lately.  My username is satorsdotcom.  Skype me!

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