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My Dream Log: Good vs Evil

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This is the story of a dream that I had this morning. While I usually enjoy dreams, this by no means was fun time – however at the same time it was not a nightmare. It felt at times I was living in a Marvel Comics movie, but it felt very serious. I don’t necessary understand some of the elements…but here is my best description.  The images are quite clear in my mind…

The dream began where I was with a mix of people from Stellar Kart, the current band that I travel with, and Daniel’s Window, a previous band that I used to work for.  My wife, Jamie, was also there.  We had just arrived to the Arizona/desert type area and were getting a new tour bus, so we were working on moving all of our stuff into the new vehicle.  After we finished that, we got on a boat and were on a river that was within a canyon.  Ahead was a section of rock formations that bridged the gap between the two sides, several levels of bridging rocks with an actual road/highway bridge at the very top of the canyon with busy traffic on it.  I noticed that the bottom bridge of rocks began to crumble, then collapsing completely splashing into the river below.  From the bottom to the top, each level crumbled and fell completely into the water until the bridge at the top began to weaken and be destroyed in the center with cars flying everywhere.  I remember specifically a school bus that had a huge tear in the side of it as it was rolling out of control.  I tried to call 911 but my phone wasn’t working…to which I decided that enough people had probably seen the event and would call…and we left.

The next moment that I remember I was in a room with other individuals, none that I recognized or knew.  The room had windows that opened up to the canyon with the river at the bottom, but was a dangerous drop for anyone to jump from.  The room was quiet, but then a strange being…like a man completely covered in black cloth, came into the room and these star like shapes began to fly from within a bag he had towards each of the people in the room, attaching themselves to each of the people.  Everyone was immediately scared by this attachment, so we all franticly brushed them off of us and the stars scattered.  Once we had done this, another being entered into the room and a different set of stars began to flow from his bag…however we immediately realized that these stars were evil and as soon as they tried to attach themselves to us they exploded and would kill us all.  This wasn’t the end – in fact this whole process was a simulation, or training session, because the scenario then reset itself and everyone in the room then realized that we all were the “Good” guys.  As it reset, the first being came back into the room, stars flying around attaching themselves to us.  However, this time we looked closer and the stars had our name on them and the word “jump” on them.  There were more stars than people in the room, I grabbed one and threw it out the window.  Once it hit outside, it turned into a parachute.  I told everyone else this and as soon as our stars were attached, we jumped out, escaping the evil being’s explosive stars, falling safely to the river below.

As we hit the river, we also realized that it was water that rejuvenated us and gave us strength.  This was in essence our “sending” back into the world from our training.  The group of good guys actually had physical and tangible lives, while the evil ones were unseen to the normal population. The good guys could see the evil ones, and could switch their presence between the supreme and physical life, and back and forth. The evil one’s goals were to either destroy the good or convert the good to their evil side.  The evil beings would initially look like a human and ultimately be in varying physical forms, however some could convert themselves into a wolflike creature, eating and killing the good people.  Alternatively they would fire darts or poison towards us, which upon contact converted us to an evil being.

The river sent me to a room where I encountered my first actual evil being face to face.  Scared I began to run around the room, discovering that there was a group of maybe 10 good guys huddled in the corner.  I went and joined the group, where we then realized that by physically touching each other, we formed a power that repelled the evil beings where they would have to immediately flee and we would be safe.

Some time passes and we head outside where we were enjoying the outside weather.  As we gathered our power from water, snow was a group favorite to be in.  As we were hanging out, I noticed someone straying from the group, and that behind them was an evil being approaching them riding on the back of a polar bear ready to devour the good guy.  I quickly ran and jumped on the good guy, forming the physical connection and repealling power causing the evil to retreat.  We all were scared, but realized that we have to stay as a group.

More time passes and we are again outside.  I find myself stumbling upon a training ground for the evil beings and a new evil creature is practing firing their darts at a tree.  I look and see that one of my fellow good members doesn’t realize it, but it almost walking into the path of the firing darts.  I quickly run towards them and realize that I myself can fire darts, so I attempt to fire my darts to intercept the evil’s.  When I say darts, they really are like arrows or something an Indian would use.  As I fire my darts, they miss, but actually have a magnetic type effect on the evil one’s darts causing them to stray their original path.  Many others of the good guys appear in the area and begin yelling at the one walking into the path, I grab him and we flee the area.

In this time I realize that the bridge destroyed at the beginning of my dream was actually evil beings scaling the canyon, destroying the different bridges of rocks as they hunted for someone within the school bus.

The next scene was a large gathering of the good beings.  In the front were a panel of physically larger beings, in a sense a governing body or panel of authoritative figures.  They all look at me and say, “You are the one to decide, you are the accountant.”  They hand me a large baton.  I have no clue what they are talking about, but discover that my role in the body was the “accountant” which in a sense was a type of judge.

At this point we discover that we are able to pass through time and travel seamlessly.  A rule given to the good guys was that while we had actual physical lives, we could not be in any type of physical relationship with another physical being that did not belong to our supreme being group.  As I travel through time, I am taken to a strange house where we see a good being in a physical relationship with a non-supreme being, thus breaking the laws.  This good guy was someone I did not recognize, but they were close to me as if my brother or a best friend, therefore it was troubling to see them in this position.  As I watched, it was if I was not physically present, but watching an account of what had happened.  As the two were in this house, a very strong evil being arrived and made a shrieking noise that rattled everything in its presence.  It then turned into the wolflike creature and devoured the woman and injuring the man/good guy.  The man tried to run from the house, but there were no other good guys in the area.  There was melting snow on the ground and a drainage sewer that the good guy tried to run to.  The evil being followed, taunting the good guy, knowing that the melting snow and lack of water was causing my close friend to be drained of power.  The scene ends with the good guy huddled near the drainage pipe and the evil one about to attack.

The next scene was that flash forwarding to the present where I was in my own house and my close friend that was in the previous scene was also there.  We walk into the kitchen which was at the back of the house.  It was night time, and the back door was left open/ajar.  This was frightening as whenever an open door or window was found, this was a sign that an evil being was possibly present and hiding, waiting to attack.  I look on the ground and there are many mice and rats finding food and feeding…moments later many cats appear and begin to eat the mice, batting them back and forth and feeding on them.  I look back to my friend and say, knowing that he had been converted to an evil being but not telling me, “That’s all that this is, a big cat and mouse game.”  My friend begins to have an evil smirk on his face.

At this moment my alarm goes off…and I wake up.

Normally I am not a snooze person, but I got up and set the alarm for 5 minutes later as I needed to relax.  I took a shower, and all morning my mind has been going over the details of this dream looking for meaning or reason or cause, etc.  That’s it.  Crazy.

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