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The Blog Evolves

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I decided to raise the bar a little and try out some new blogging tactics. Thus, the unveiling of a whole new look – welcome to my little island of thoughts. 🙂 If there’s any place that Jamie or I would ever love to be to relax, it’s the beach.So what’s different besides the look? I have migrated from using Google’s Blogger tool to my own installation of WordPress. WordPress is extremely common, and is continually evolving in it’s features and whatnot. I started to feel a little bit limited by the very cookie cutter format of Blogger. It’s great and easy to use, but with WordPress I can edit any file and make things work just how I want. So here it is.

I also am discontinuing the posting to the second Stellar Kart road manager blog. That simply is too much work and I have enough time to post to one blog as it is! I would rather post everything to one blog…so this is the place. remains the same address, just new format! (Yes, also goes to the same place. Trickery.)

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Thanks for reading! Thoughts, stories, and random muck from my brain continues…

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