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The Home Debacle

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It’s actually not that bad, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  Nothing really has changed, our home value has continually decreased just like everyone else’s, which means it doesn’t really make that much sense for us to try to sell right now since we don’t have a real strong reason to…other than we want to move into a real house.

HOWEVER, what has changed is my outlook and plan.  My goal is to send everything extra at the end of the month into the mortgage.  I signed the papers saying that I would take on that loan, and gosh darn it I’m going to pay for it instead of trying to take the short sale route.  My credit is important to me and, while I may loose money on the whole thing, the thought process is this: super pay down the mortgage, and hopefully in the few years that it will take to accomplish that, the market will decide to swing back up in our favor and it’s a win win…win.

I did 100% financing when I bought the house 5 years ago, an 80% 30 yr loan and a 20% 15 yr with a balloon.  Well, this here photo is paying off the 15 year loan 10 years early…heck ya.  So, now all eyes are on the big loan trying to get that down…here goes!

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