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What is love?

I’m with the band out on the road right now, have been since Feb 14th. Pretty long stretch. I miss Jamie more than ever. We had planned for us to connect midway through the tour so that it wouldn’t be three weeks apart from each other and…well…let’s just say things didn’t work out, so we have been apart a long time and it’s really dragging me down. I miss Jamie a lot. I feel like I show it often too, people have been asking me what’s wrong…got my wife on my mind.

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Home Moving Update

I met with our realtor last week…sigh, not looking good with the way the market is these days. Jamie and I’s plans were to at least move somewhere from Chicago, either Indianapolis or Nashville…another debate in itself.

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Wedding Photos!

Yup, some are finally online and able to be seen (with Jamie’s approval). 🙂 You can either go here or over to my facebook. Cheers!

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