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Dream Log: My Day with the President

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So last night I dreamed that for some reason, Obama was visiting some sort of resort, and I was part of the inner circle of folks he was hanging out with. I can remember somebody who was his brother was there too. So we were walking around, him shaking people’s hands and whatnot, finally he said he needed a break, so we all went up to his room where he laid down while I sat in a chair across the room.

I remember thinking, man I wonder where all the secret service folks are as I looked out the window. But, I saw some of them out in the courtyard walking around, etc. As I went back to my chair, we heard this whoosh sound go through the room, and we saw the fibers on the blanket covering the president split – and we knew it was a bullet going through the room. The resort was shaped like a U, and across the courtyard from the room we were in was more rooms, and there was apparently a sniper over there somewhere trying to shoot the president. More shots came through the room as I yelled at him to roll off the bed and onto the floor. As he did that though, a bullet hit his leg. I knew I needed to call secret service, and that 911 would take too long, so I asked the president what number I should call. He told me, and I kept messing up the numbers cause I was freaking out. His brother came back into the room and made the call.

So the secret service shows up, but the president didn’t want the media or the shooter to think he had been shot, so he muscled up the strength to walk down on his own to an awaiting car. As we did though, more people wanted to take a photo with him. I couldn’t believe that he wanted to stop, have me get his camera out of his bag, and take a photo with them, but I did. After that tons of secret service folks swooped in, whisked him away, and that was it.

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