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Dream Log: Running from Matt Damon

This one is a long dream…so many elements that when I woke up immediately at the end…I wrote down all the things I could remember…here we go.

The dream begins in that I am driving down to Arizona to meet with one of my clients, Billy Smiley.  He owned a shoe store down there, so I met him near closing time at the store to talk about his web project, but there was still a ton of people in the store.  Good business!  He wanted to add a “members only” section to his site and had sent me an excel file of all of the members he wanted to be a part of it – we went back and forth on whether or not there should just be one password for everybody to access it, or individual usernames and passwords.  As we finished up, I started looking around the shoe store and noticed that the shoes didn’t appear right…they looked like they were made out of wax, like really soft edges and there was a section of shelves labeled “Drying”.  But, they all had Nike logos and the like on them.  Ian Pinawin was there, so I asked him if these were all not really those brand shoes or not cause it looked like they were being made there…he said they were the real deal.  So as I was getting ready to leave, everybody started exiting the store.  I remember saying goodbye to Ian as well as Steph Blankenship who was there too.  I went to say goodbye to Billy who was behind the counter…when all of a sudden a SUPER loud Amtrak train went right behind the building, like the store was as close to the tracks as it could be.

I got in my car and started driving along the tracks, going past different Amtrak trains, as well as really old Metra trains too, kinda like a museum of trains.  I had made my way to California…which was odd cause I was driving home, but Cali is definitely the scenic route.  The hills started getting really steep, both up and down.  I remember wanting to take my time, but people kept cutting me off.  They had just had a huge snowstorm there, so there were these big piles of plowed snow and my car started loosing control, and hitting these snow banks like jumps, getting air and loosing control.

I blackout – and wake up in a field by an airport, wondering where my car is as it is nowhere to be found.  I was barefoot, and had a sled with me for the snow.  Also with me was a bashed up GPS.  I could see the highway in the distance, so I started walking.  Came upon a neighborhood, but it was surrounded by a locked fence.  So I kept walking and saw a wrecker just over the hill.  There were lots of people standing around, and I realized as I got over the hill that the wrecker was pulling my car up onto the bed of the truck, but the whole top half of the car was missing and it was a total mess.

There were several wrecker crew guys around, so I went up to one as told them that was my car and that I had insurance.  The guy yelled out “Boss, we found him.”  I look up the way towards the front of the wrecker, and the chief wrecker guy was Matt Damon, he motions over to me to come over and we go around the corner.  I ask him for help and if he knew what happened and to fill me in cause I blacked out.  We start walking back towards the car when I see a slip of paper hit the ground.  I pick it up and it has my name on it, “Matt S”, and a bunch of other names…one other I remember was the name “Alto”.  I flip the paper over and there are a bunch more names and both Alto and I’s listed again.  No, I don’t know anyone named Alto.

Damon starts to look angry, and a guy who was at a booth nearby asked what was happening, and Matt Damon threw a pen and it went into the guy’s throat.  Realizing that the names on the paper were people that Matt Damon was after, I started to run through the streets.  I see a ledge coming up, so I run towards it.  As I am running, I overhear people talking about how you can get domain names for free in Australia…interesting.  I get to the ledge, and dive over and it’s a big drainage river ditch thing.  It’s deep enough for me to dive in, so I did.

The current was moving fast, which was great for me to make a good getaway.  It seemed like it was just one really long downhill path.  I finally get to the bottom of the hill and the water dries up, but there was just a little hill up and then more hills going down that people were rollerblading on and biking on for exercise.  Just so happened that in my backpack that I suddenly had were a pair of rollerblades, so I strapped them on and kept going.  As I’m going along, I realize that there is this rhythmic pattern happening around me, and slowly starting to get faster.  It was kinda like the Jaws theme, but not musical.  Just “dum dum” pause…”dum dum”.  I realized that as it got faster, Matt Damon was getting closer.

I was skating through all these people when Matt Damon was suddenly one of those people.  He hits me down, and one of his assistants grabs me.  Suddenly the sidewalk opens up and I realize that Matt Damon is really the devil, and he goes down into the pit that is just all red and glowing and all that.  They were trying to drag me down in there when I blackout again.

This is where things start to get gruesome…but this is also where I realize that this isn’t real, it’s a movie!  Matt Damon was all red like the devil and I was tied up.  They take a shot that is looking from behind me and you see Matt Damon looking at me and he gestures like he bites out 3 teeth from my lower jaw.  Yow.  Then he says…”How much longer till it’s ready?” And you see my jaw bleeding, and then it takes a shot of his mouth that is filled with blood and maggots…and in the background you realized that Matt had to really go through quite a bit for the movie in order to get his mouth to appear that way….

Then I wake up…probably so disturbed that I couldn’t take it any longer.  The end.

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