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5 Year Goals

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Being 25 years old now has had me thinking the past few weeks of putting together some 5 year goals for myself, Jamie and I,, etc. A lot of them come to me randomly throughout the day and I haven’t really written them down at all…so we’re going to see how well they can all come to me sitting here right now:

  • Jamie and I visit Europe, go on more cruises and vacations several times a year
  • Visit 2 more continents I haven’t been to (Only been to North America and Europe)
  • Have a child (more like the 4th or 5th year) 🙂
  • Own a house
  • Host 150 Websites (Currently 75)
  • Have 1-2 Full-time employees for
  • Make a 6 figure income
  • Have two dogs
  • Mix a show for more than 50,000 attenders (Current record is 36,000)
  • Design a website that is featured in a design magazine or wins a design award

Maybe some more will come to mind and I’ll edit this post later on. Shoot – best of luck to myself in being able to find this list 5 years from now. If I’m reading this paragraph in the year 2012, great job me in your internet searching skills!

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