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Christmas-time is here, Happiness and cheer!

Dang it. It’s been over a month since I blogged. Guilty as charged. My soul intention is to keep writing ever other day or so, but isn’t it amazing how quickly priorities can change and all of a sudden five other things come up and blogging gets pushed to the back burner. Sad because I really do enjoy writing my thoughts out (Jamie is really good at that and inspires me to work on it more).

Despite December is still 4 days away, November in my mind is over. It’s time for Christmas. The band has launched on their “Punk the Halls” tour – 25 some dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas with only a handful of days off, i.e. 4? If you note, there aren’t that many days between Thanksgiving and Christmas – yup, I’m busy.

On top of that, this is the first time I’ve ever been in the “Tour Manager” position, meaning I’m responsible now for not only Stellar Kart, but 4 other bands, 2 crew personnel, 1 bus driver, and a varying number of wives at any given moment. So far we’ve only done one event, first show, and I felt like my brain was continually spinning and processing for 10 straight hours…I was exhausted and fried, but at the end felt like it all went really well. I think after a week or so I’ll get in a better groove. Nice part about tours though is that the schedule for each day can be structured so that it’s the same from day to day instead of potentially different times and travel schedules every day on one-offs. Problem though is that I have so many responsibilities on this tour that I have trouble slowing my brain down when I’m trying to sleep. I.e. if I wake up early at like 6am or something to a baby crying a few bunks down, when I try to get back to sleep, all of a sudden my mind just starts thinking about the tour and details and tasks that I need to complete, etc. I have a feeling that I’m at the pinnacle of craziness on the start of the tour and as shows go by, I’ll be able to relax more and more

Excitement too because Jamie is coming out on tour for 10 days right in the middle of the tour. Man that excites me because I don’t really feel like we have been able to spend a ton of quality time together. Our Thanksgiving days off were good to be together and relaxing, but didn’t feel like it was quality time with each other.

I’m sitting right now listening to Charlie Brown Christmas, and let me tell you, that is relaxing. I’m pretty much by myself too in the bus, everybody went out to the movies or dinner…alone time is good. 🙂

January is around the corner and 2008. Shoot – I should start thinking about resolutions. Leroy, lead programmer, and I always kinda chat at the turn of each year to review how the previous year went, goals for the next, etc. Each year we’ve progressed and turned a greater profit from the year before. Exciting, but daunting at the same time.

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