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Fall Plans

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Wow – Yes it has been an EXTREMELY long time since I’ve written a blog post.  That troubles me. (a big sigh is released)  At any given moment in my life, there’s a countless number of things going on and plates spinning, bowling pins being juggled (with a random flaming touch thrown in there every now and then), and it just so happens that blogging ends up being at the bottom of the list.  I certainly enjoy it…haven’t really had a whole lot blog-worthy on my mind recently, so figured I’d post out the general here’s what’s happening blog.

Stellar Kart is on tour with Superchick this fall.  That would have been a fun tour to be on as I’ve helped out and hung out with the Superchick folk in the past, so it would have been just a big old party.  However, since SK (Stellar Kart that is) isn’t headlining the tour and the economy is tight, the road manager position wasn’t as valuable to the guys as normal.  That’s all good though, looking forward to connecting back up with them after the fall tour.

Instead, I’m heading out on a tour called the CreationFest Tour with bands such as Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, Fireflight, etc. and running monitors for that.  That certainly excites me because I have been missing being on the monitor board as that is a whole different world to mix in, challenging, but fun.  Also, my good buddies Cliff and Darien are part of the crew which will make it a fun time.  It’ll be intersting internally for me to not have to worry about being road/tour manager and really focus on what I truly enjoy, mixing.  Equipmentwise the tour will have PM5D’s at FOH and Monitors, JBL Vertec, and a freakin amazing Darien Koop light show.  🙂

The tour departs the beginning of October and goes until Thanksgiving.  I think I’ll see home a few times here and there, but will be out pretty solid.  December then is pretty quiet with the Stellar Kart boys, will be good to be home for Christmas.

Also in the news is Jamie and I still wanting to move to Indianapolis.  If you have read any posts before, we’ve been wanting to accomplish that for many a moon.  Last year, realtors said that we would definitely take a hit and have to plan on bringing money to closing as we still owe quite a bit on the condo…bringing money that we didn’t have.  Well – we’ve been saving over the course of the year and hoping to actually put a moving plan into action after the beginning of the new year.

Yikes – health stuff.  Seems about the 26th lap around the universe, this lil body is starting to fall apart.  I have an area in my mouth where the gums are receeding pretty bad, so I have to go in for surgery to get “Gum Grafting” in December.  Worse yet, over the summer I got a hernia somehow…hasn’t really bothered me that much – we named him “Henry” the hernia.  Some like to call him “Heff”.  To each their own.  Regardless, looks like I’ll probably be going in under the knife in January to get that all patched up.  Serious business – I have to be inactive for a solid 2 weeks following that one.  Lots of website design…here I come!!

Speaking off, has been pretty busy the past several weeks.  Stellar Kart went out on their tour mid-September and the CreationFest tour that I’m on doesn’t depart till the first week of October.  In the downtime (there’s never downtime) I’ve been working on several projects:

I’ve been doing several custom WordPress implementations, getting pretty good at that.  It’s been fun and a different change of pace to wake up every morning and step into the office and just work on websites all day.  Ya…I do get ready to head back out on the road though.

The old PT Cruiser has seen better days.  The transmission is starting to go downhill…I can only successfully shift into reverse about 10% of the time.  1st and 3rd usually pop out on the first attempts, and second tries usually get it into gear.  I get stressed when the things I have start to go ghetto…and the car is definitely starting to head that direction.  But hey, the wheels still turn and I don’t really need it that much like needing it to go to work and home each day…so we’re getting by.

Jamie is getting really busy as work.  She’s a photographer at a portrait studio at JCPenney in the Woodfield Mall and loves it.  She’s really good at it too – I’ve snuck in a few times and watched her without her knowing that I’m there.  She works with mostly kids all day which she loves and she really thrives taking pictures and that whole environment.  However, Christmas season is coming up which means people are already thinking about their Christmas cards, so she’s been picking up a lot more hours recently.  That’s good though cause it’s pretty much all going to the “Moving to Indy” fund.

And that about sums things up.  Quite an update, little lengthy, but glad to take the moment to keep you updated!

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