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March, 2009 Life Update

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Been a while since posting updates on what’s happening with Jamie and I and life, so here goes for March.  🙂

In January, I started touring with Little Big Town as their monitor engineer.  That has been fun and a different change of pace.  Last group I was on tour with was Stellar Kart which at times was just me and 4 other guys.  In the LBT camp, there’s anywhere from 14-20 personnel on the road at any time among the band, crew, family, managers, etc.  The band also carries their own production, minus speakers/amps, so that’s also a nice change of pace compared to SK that only carried backline – being on the same console and the same setup every day helps with the confidence of always knowing what’s going on in the signal chain.  With the new territory comes new challenges though.  Some of the band individuals are very specific in knowing what they want to hear, which has at sometimes been a challenge achieving that successfully.  Overall though it’s definitely been fun and a good time meeting new crew and working in the new atmosphere.

Jamie and I are still in the “home moving” mindset.  While previously our minds were set on moving to Indianapolis, our final destination now looks to be Nashville.  As opposed to other groups in the Christian or Pop industry, the Country industry does not favor paying travel expenses for out-of-town crew members.  Right now, that means I’m getting myself back and forth to Nashville out of pocket. (Thanks to Southwest for less than $60 one-way travel back and forth to Nashville!)  So, with this in mind, Jamie and I are looking to rent a place for a year to start with in Nashville.

The million dollar question becomes when?  We have packed up a bunch of our stuff in Chicago and continue to load up everything we don’t need on a daily basis into a local storage unit in order too prep the house to paint, recarpet, and fingers crossed to go on the market.  No, it’s not on the market yet.  I really want to get the house to shine before we pull the trigger.  As with the housing market everywhere else, it doesn’t look too promising for here either.  Many of the homes in our complex are bank owned and selling for sometimes $60,000 less than our house…and I paid $159,900 for it.  Crap.  Even those houses that are selling for super cheap have been on the market for 3 months or so.  I’ve never sold a house before, and I know now is probably one of the worst times to get in the business, but we’ll see how it goes.  We’ll probably get the house on the market in April.

Late December and Early January I had both gum grafting surgery and hernia repair surgery done, all in the matter of about 2 weeks or so.  2 weeks after the hernia repair I was out on the road starting up with LBT.  Crazy – all went well though and those ailments have been out of mind.  I’ve been fighting a nasty case of bronchitus over the past two-three months that still prevails, took a nasty spill on my rip stick a few weeks back that the scars are still healing from, and this morning just hurt my neck washing/drying my hair.  This is not encouraging as my body gets older…sad.

Naturally, Jamie and I get the “kids?” question every now and then.  We’ll be married for two years in April and really with Indianapolis as our moving destination we were planning on delaying till we got settled there so that we could be by Jamie’s family.  With Nashville as the next stop…well, we’ll have to get back to you on that.  I think I speak for the both of us that we don’t feel ready…

I miss blogging…it’s always an ideal of mine that I want to hop on and write more often.  Maybe I’ll post up some good road stories here and there.  Till then…

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