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My 25th time around the sun

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It’s my 25th birthday! This morning Jamie and I went down to my parents house and had breakfast and birthday times with them before they took us to the airport where we flew off to Manchester, NH to celebrate our friends Scotty and Danno’s wedding. They were the ones to kinda hook Jamie and I up and were a part of our wedding, excitement for sure.

What do you do on your 25th birthday? Well, I rented a car. 🙂 Birthday’s seem to mean less and less each year…that’s what I seem to think anyways. I remember as a kid just looking so forward to September 7th and all the excitement it would mean. Today I woke up tired, have been exhausted most of the day, but excited to hang out with some friends tonight.

Cool gifts thus far – my mom has been working since January on a quilt made up of all of my old t-shirts from my life. I.e. camp t-shirts, college floor t-shirts, work shirts, vacation shirts, etc. There’s probably 20 or so t-shirts on this thing and it’s flipping amazing. So cool. My brother Benjy got me this crazy string’d light show thingamaboper. Hard to explain – I’ll make a video of it and post it once I get back in town. It’s cool. Jamie got me an amazing Fender hoodie and Worms 2 for PSP. (However, my used PSP had a cracked & hacked firmware on it so I’m working to restore that so I can play the game)

Anyways – it’s been an ok day. Trying to sleep on the plane, a little bit of work here and there, eh. 25 years though. Kinda a milestone I guess. I’m definitely and content and consider myself blessed for everything I’ve been able to do and be a part of thus far. Makes me thinking of aspirations of what to strive to accomplish in the next 5 years…

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