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Public vs. Private – Which are you?

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Jamie and I go back and forth on this often. She is of the nature to open up more and more to people as she becomes closer and closer to them and establishes a relationship and foundation of trust. I however am more of an open book and will for the most part tell anyone anything that’s going on and love telling stories about life and the experiences I go through, thus me having a blog.

This personality trait of mine often gets me in trouble with my lovely wife as sometimes my stories or things that I share with people contain details about her that she would rather not share to the world. These are not earth shattering and dramatically embarrassing things in my opinion, however apparently they are to her and the jury always finds me guilty as charged.

So I open it up and pose the question to you – do you consider yourself a more public person or private person? I guess some of us may work in more public environments while others are more separated from the world, but that’s not my question. I ask that with the people that you meet from day to day, do you feel comfortable with them if a conversation happens to strike up to indulge details about your life, or change topics if the discussion leads that direction? What’s game to share and what’s never ok and how do you deal with the grey area in-between?

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