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The Moving Process Begins

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Looks like we’re moving to Indianapolis. As much as it may seem pratcial to me to live in Nashville, ultimately Jamie will be better with the times I will be gone living in Indi, even though it means I’ll be gone more with commuting to Tennessee (5h 30min one way) probably every week.

So the home selling/buying process begins. I’ve been preapproved for a loan, tomorrow a realtor comes to the house to take pics and give me a sales pitch, another realtor comes on Thursday to compete with the one tomorrow. I’ve also been dealing with a realtor down in Indi who’s putting together lists of potential houses. Tonight I took on the task I’ve been wanting to do ever since Nathan moved out which is to go rent the “Rug Doctor” and scrub most of the carpet in the house. Moved the whole living and dining room into the kitchen, as pictured, scrubbed it all getting many of the stains out, and moved it all back into living conditions.

At the end of it all, I’m tired and frustrated and just wish I could box everything up right now, throw it in a truck, and move somewhere. Instead the home selling and buying game begins with an unpredictable timetable in sight.

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