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Your wedding the way You want it!

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This past weekend Jamie and I had the chance to hang out with our friend’s Scotty and Danielle. They live up in New Hampshire, and Scott is my best friend from high school; Danielle being Jamie’s best friend from college. It’s these two that really brought Jamie and I together. 🙂 Aww. Anyways, it’s always really fun for Jamie and I to hang out with them because we’re both friends with both of them!

My roommate Justin and I last week at his bachelor party were discussing how 2007 is the year of the weddings. Jamie and I got married, I can think of at least 4 or 5 other couples that I know personally who have either married or is getting married this year. This was the year of July 7th, 07 – most popular date for weddings in history. Jamie and I felt we had a relatively nontraditional wedding with just a lot of things the way we wanted them. Scotty and Danno even more so – hitting the courthouse last week and just throwing a big reception/party at their house over the weekend. Pretty cool if you ask me, although I think it might have grown wearisome for them by the end of the weekend as with a wedding – it’s all packed into one day. In their scenario – all weekend long.

Still, it was fun for Jamie and I to be able to travel together and hang out with friends. It was a relaxing time for me as I was able to chill with friends and play Worms 2 on my PSP for a while. Fun times. This weekend we have Justin’s wedding and a wedding for a couple at Willow too. The party never ends!

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