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The Story of My Lost and Found Briefcase

Recently I traveled to Amsterdam, Holland with Stellar Kart. It was definitely a fun time, but started off like crap. We arrived into Amsterdam on a Monday morning at 6am. We got picked up and headed to our hotel, about an hour or so away, getting there about 7:30 or so. After unloading the van, we discovered that my briefcase, containing my laptop, PSP, iPod, and a hefty payment check from the last gig that the band had played did not make it to the hotel, meaning it was left in Amsterdam at the airport. I definitely remembered having it in a luggage cart that rolled out to the van, so we just didn’t get it loaded into the van and in the excitement of being in a foreign country, we hopped in the van and took off. A small box of CD’s was also left in another luggage cart basket too. We simply weren’t paying attention.