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My 7 Favorite Twitter Apps

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Twitter is all the latest craze these days.  There’s some key applications that I have found to make the whole Twitter social media micro-blogging process very streamlined.

  1. TweetDeck ( – Definitely my number 1, in fact I have a whole screen dedicated to TweetDeck.  You can update your Twitter and Facebook status from one form, have multiple columns of data – ie my columns are: All Friends, Facebook Friends, Replies, TwitScoop, then several search columns for topics I’m interested in.  Easy to Retweet, shorten URLs, etc.
  2. DestroyTwitter ( – Ok my biggest complain about TweetDeck is that it doesn’t really do multiple Twitter accounts…DestroyTwitter is very similar to TweetDeck…I prefer TweetDeck, but I use DestroyTwitter to follow a second twitter account on the same machine as TweetDeck
  3. HootSuite ( – Web interface that allows you to tweet to multiple Twitter accounts in one post.  Also supports posting to and displaying Google Adsense advertisements in your shortened URLs, however at the time of this writing, that feature was broken. 🙁
  4. Tweepler ( – ok not everything is about displaying Tweets.  Tweepler is a very slick interface that shows you who has recently followed you, and gives you information about each user allowing you to easily choose to follow them as well, or ignore them.
  5. TwitterCounter ( – Some  people just want statistics…how many people are following you compared to yesterday, and how many people can you expect to get tomorrow based on following trends?!  TwitterCounter to the rescue.
  6. ( – Ok by far the best multiplatform status update broadcasting tool I’ve ever seen.  You can post one update to everything from Twitter and Facebook to GTalk and AOL.  Many many many ways to send updates as well such as SMS, Email, Web, Mobile Web, IM, etc.
  7. MePing ( – Yes, hootsuite can post to, and Twitter can automatically update your Facebook status…I got too many wires crossed and shut off the connection for services updating each other and am letting be the only multi-platform announcer.  BUT, I don’t like having to go to the website, so MePing is a lightweight little app that allows you to quickly shout a message to the network

There’s my seven favoriate apps.  What are you using?  Oh ya – hit up the follow @sators.

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