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My Conversation with a Hacker

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I had a fun encounter this morning with a hacked Facebook account that started chatting with me.  Realizing it was a hack, I decided to play along and see how far it would get.  Keep in mind, I knew the entire time that the person that the account belongs to was not in London.  Here’s the transcription:
Me: hey val!

Hacked Account: we are not too good at the moment in a deep mess

Me: what’s going on

Hacked Account: we are currently stuck in London uk,went there on a short vacation unfortunately we got mugged at a gun point last night…scary!

Me: whoa
Me: i had no idea

Hacked Account: i was hurt on my head,writing you in tears now as we speak,all cash and credit card was stolen off including cell phone,it was a brutal experience

Me: oh my
Me: are you guys ok?
Me: hello?

Hacked Account: we are freaked out here,have been to the embassy and the police they are not helping issues at all i was ask to come back in three weeks time

Me: so what are you going to do?

Hacked Account: thank God we still have our life and passport saved with us…Our return flight leaves in few hours…i need your help

Me: how os
Me: so
Me: ?

Hacked Account: i need you to loan me some few CASH to get our hotel bills settled and get a cab to the airport,would def refund it back to you once am back home tomorrow

Me: how much
Me: ?

Hacked Account: 670

Me: how do I get it to you?

Hacked Account: you can have it wire on my name via western union to me all you need is my name and present location,do you know of any western union outlet or store around you?

Me: sure, I can head there this morning

Hacked Account: ok..let me give you my info you need
Hacked Account: Name:Valerie Tidbal
Hacked Account: Location:7 Walworth Road London, SE17 1RL, United Kingdom
Hacked Account: got it?

Me: How will you know when it gets there?

Hacked Account: you would be given a confirmation number at the western union outlet
Hacked Account: that’s what you will send to me
Hacked Account: can you email me when you are done with the transfer ?

Me: Sure, which email address?

Hacked Account: here is my private email address:
Hacked Account:
Hacked Account: send me a test mail to confirm you got my email correctly

Me: how long have you had that email sis?

Hacked Account: send me a test mail to confirm you got my email correctly
Hacked Account: ?

Me: I just did

Hacked Account: let me know when you send the test mail
Hacked Account: ok?

Me: I already did
Me: just told you

Hacked Account: i didn’t get it
Hacked Account: can i have your email?
Hacked Account: so i will email you


Hacked Account: are you kidding me?
Account Banned
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