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Bad Flight Episode 1

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Now in starting this post, I must be clear. I have had several bad flights prior to this experience in a variety of situations. This time I actually start to blog it.

Flying from Chicago O’hare to exciting Sioux Falls, SD on United. When we head down the tarmac I realize it is a regional jet, meaning it’s a small plane with only 4 seats across instead of 6. I was seated 2F, window seat. Great! Love it. So to actually get to the jet we had to go outside and walk up stairs built into the door of the plane. I have my briefcase, book bag, pillow, and a delicious cinnabon. A healthy amount for a regular flight, too much for a regional jet, but I can manage.

So I get on the flight and there’s an elderly lady sitting in my seat. I ask the flight attendant and he says just sit in 3F. Fine, I go to the next row and get completely situated with everything in it’s place. (Briefcase under the seat in front of me, book bag in the overhead bin, cell phone and wallet in the seat pocket, pillow at my legs…every time the same way) I am about halfway through my glorious cinnabon when a couple comes on and says I’m in their seat to which I promptly tell them to talk to the flight attendant as he put me there. They give him a sob story of how they HAVE to sit together. He looks at me and asks me to move up to row 1 on the aisle. Now typically I would like being so far forward, but the first rows mean you can’t put anything on the floor because it’s a bulkhead seat and all the overhead space was filled so it had to go farther back on the plane – a nightmare for trying to retrieve at the end of the flight. On top of all this, he already changed my seat once and I was all settled! It was pretty clear I was unhappy with this.

Then, the cheeseball attendant had tape recorded himself doing the seat belt, oxygen mask, and emergency exits announcement all dramatic voice and with very cheesy background music on a old school tape recorder that he strapped to the announcement phone to play through the speakers. LAME!

Finally to top it off halfway through the flight some guy in the middle of the flight blew chunks all over the place which the captain America flight attendant had to clean up. This I was ok with as I didn’t really like the guy at this point. Definitely the sucky part of the job…

Wow. I hate United.

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