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Be a Clear Traverler – Sail Through Airport Security

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A relatively new company is on the block – Clear. What is it?  Basically, when you head to the airport and instead of walking up to the security line at the airport and waiting, standing, moving 5 steps, waiting, etc, you can bypass that line to a special line where you can scan your fingerprint, and go right on through.  Pretty slick sounding huh?  For those frequent flyers, it might be worth checking into.  They are only at a handful of airports so far, but expanding as the days go by.  The cost is $128 the first year, then $100 a year after that, however enter the refer-a-friend code below for a free month!  Sweet!

Clear Refer-a-Friend Code: SCB38981

This blog is a great explaination of the real world experience using Clear.

Happy traveling!

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