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Christians doing business…wrong

Working in the Christian environment offers its variety of drama and types of professionalism and non. This past weekend was definitely a case of the latter.

The band when doing an event will always receive half of their honorarium payment typically due a month prior to the event with the remaining balance due on the day of the event. Usually, if there is going to be a red flag for a gig, it will be if there is a problem with the deposit. Well, this past weekend’s event did not get the deposit check in on time, yet he told me on the phone that he had paid everyone else however we were the last of everyone to pay. Finally, the deposit check did come in two days before the event when the promoter overnighted it to the office…however the check was dated 2 weeks prior. A red flag to me – why would he write the check two weeks prior but not send it until overnighting a day or two before the event, however the manager said to carry on.

So the band does the event – for some reason, the guy at this festival with it being the first year he ever did the show expected 3000 people to attend…in reality maybe 100 people were there for us headlining the festival at the end of the night.

At the end of the event, I go to settle with promoter to receive the final check at the end of the night and he hands it to me and says “Yaaaa….give me a few days to get things straightened out with the bank.” Sigh…I knew it.

To make a long story short – the promoter, whose deposit check and final check both bounced, accuse the band’s management staff of not supporting ministry or being Christians because they explained that they will take necessary action to ensure the payment for the band is made that the promoter committed to in the contract that he signed. Argh!

These types of people are the most frustrating to deal with. They believe that because they are putting on a Christian event with a good cause that they don’t need to manage their finances responsibly and would rather lie about the finances they have than to take the higher road of cancelling the event or redoing their budget.

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