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Freaked for our safety, but God comes through

We were in Huntington, WV tonight and we were heading from the concert venue to the hotel in our bus after the concert thinking everything is fine. Adam was driving us and after a few blocks he realized that some vehicle was following us. We go several blocks and obscure turns further and the vehicle, that we realize is a minivan, is still following us. At one of the red lights, they tried to pull up next to us but there was already a car next to us, so they couldn’t get too far. We get to the next red light and by this time everyone in the bus is aware of what’s going on and we’re all getting pretty freaked out by not knowing if it is some drunk guys in the college town chasing a tour bus or some wouldbe evildoers looking to get us to stop and break in or whatever. The decision was made to call 911 – so I get out my phone and hit send on my phone and it begins to connect. While I was doing that, Cody had stuck his head out the side window to get a better view. The car had pulled up next to us again, and distracted by Cody sticking his head out the window, the driver actually rear-ends the car in front of him. I realize this by the sound and seeing the car directly to the side of us thrust forward – the 911 operator connects and asks me what my emergency is…to which I begin to explain that I just witnessed an accident.

We all pull away as the light turns green in amazement of what we just saw and experienced…needless to say once we got to the hotel we were all super concerned and kept the bus under lock and key till we got on the road.

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