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On the receiving side of a blessing

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It’s a unique experience traveling with Stellar Kart. There have been many times that we’ll pull off the side of the road at a Outback Steakhouse or Cracker Barrel type places and be stopped and asked for a photo or autographs. The same thing is true when going through random airports. I kinda sit back in awe as I’m thinking – how did I get here, who are these people I work for, and who are these people asking for autographs? Kinda surreal, but fun.

We’re at a festival this weekend in South Dakota called Lifelight. After we played, we went into town to a Texas Roadhouse and walking to our table we hear multiple tables go “Hey that’s Stellar Kart!” Some of the guys don’t mind, some get annoyed pretty easily. It actually wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past…in fact I don’t think anybody asked the guys to sign anything.

Then the blessing comes – after we place our orders, a few minutes go by and our waitress came up and told us that somebody had already paid for our tab and that they wanted to remain anonymous. WHOA! We all look at each other and are like…in awe that somebody would do that for us, but at the same time that they would do it so perfectly to stay anonymous. Part of us were thinking “this is getting crazy” and the other half in amazement that somebody would do that for us.

It really made me think of how the Bible speaks of giving unconditionally and to give with a heart that doesn’t desire recognition for it, just purely giving for the sake of blessing one another and serving the Lord. It also definitely challenged me to think if I would be willing to do something like that, just to give to someone with no expectation of “Hey thanks”, or “Wow, you really didn’t have to do that”. Just no recognition at all. Wow. It really demonstrated to me a model of a type of person who has a truly humble servant’s heart.

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