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Musician’s Online Toolbox – iLike vs. Facebook

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I’m going to start a new mini episode of blog entries entitled Musician’s Online Toolbox. Working as a web designer and audio engineer/road manager, I have found myself naturally drawn to helping to publicize and optimize Stellar Kart’s online presence. The techniques that Stellar Kart’s team and I use have broadened Stellar Kart’s presence to being regularly on YouTube’s top 100 channels list, as well as bringing a constant flow of activity to their various profiles. These editorials will document my experiences, list tools and methods used to obtain results, and give other musicians and artists tips on using the right tools to connect to your fans.

Stellar Kart iLikeI think it should be without question that if a band wants to succeed, you have to grab the internet by the horns and use every bit and ounce of it that you can. This process however can be daunting as there are so many social websites out there, so many music related sites, an endless sea of URLs…how does a band not only create presences there, but keep up with them.

In this entry we’ll talk about iLike vs. Facebook. Actually, Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch has done a fantastic job summarizing iLike and Facebook in his entry from November, 2007 entitled iLike vs. Facebook: The Battle For The Music Artist.

After reading Erick’s editorial and my experiences using both services, step one is getting both an iLike personal profile that can manage your artist profile. In order to edit an “Artist Profile” as iLike terms it, you must have a profile Stellar Kart Facebookfor yourself first. If iLike has taken the liberty to create your artist page for you, you can gain access to it by attempting to create the profile, then clicking on the “Contact Us” link, and submitting the contact form appropriately. Within one to two business days, your account should be granted access to the artist’s profile.

The second step is to create a Facebook page for your band. Once your Facebook page is created, add all applications of iLike to your page and arrange to your preference: the artist summary, iCast, Music, Comments, etc. Reference Stellar Kart’s Facebook Page as an example.

Once these have been created, it’s time to get the word out. Put links to your Facebook page and iLike on your website, MySpace, and everything else you can. Send out regular bulletins through iLike and Updates through Facebook and you are on your way to keeping in touch with your fans.

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