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Stuck in an Elevator

So yesterday we were at a church in Morrison, IL. Small town, small church. Actually the pastor’s wife at the church was my old high school teacher at ACS…We’re on a tour sponsored by Lifelight and we’re on tour with Remedy Drive (who’s riding on the SK bus with us) and The Switch. Everybody is super cool and it’s a lot of fun being with all these guys. It’s actually the first official “tour” I’ve ever been on. Everything else in my days of gigs have been one offs or just spot gigs here and there…

Anyways, so we’re in Morrison, IL, small church. Right. So in order to get all the equipment, speakers, gear, etc. into the auditorium we had to load it through a small elevator. Welp, sure enough we’re about 70% through load-in and Dan from Remedy Drive goes missing and we realize that the elevator has stuck and he’s inside. Quite funny at first and it appeared that the pastor and worship pastor had a game plan for getting him out, so I went back to setting up.

An hour later, I realize that Dan is still stuck in the elevator. While I don’t really work for Remedy Drive, I wanted to make sure there was activity in getting him out. So I go ask the pastor what’s happening to get him out and he says that they left a message for the elevator company and they are waiting to hear back from them….not good enough to me…so I respond..”…and??” This is a Saturday afternoon. He responds, “well I think that we’re doing everything we can.” I respond, “Well do we need to call the fire department or what is the plan of attack here?” He soon gets a call back from the company who says that two other churchs in town have the same elevator, so he darts out to those churches while some of the guys in Stellar Kart are talking about getting a crow bar – the pastor says to me…wait till I get back to use the crowbar. 🙂

He is gone for 30 minutes and finally gets back to discover that the key he acquired didn’t fit…so I asked him what the plan was and he says “fire department”. Perfect – what we should have been doing in the first place. The fire truck and ambulance come with sirens blazing. The whole crew gets out while there are many onlookers at this point with video cameras, etc. and they go up and look at the door. While this is happening, some old maintenance guy at the church pipes up and says “before we pry it, I think there’s another church who has a key” to which the worship pastor responds, “he’s been in there over and hour and a half, we’ve got to get him out.”

The chief fireman goes and takes a look at the door, feels it with his hands back and forth, everybody’s quiet and anticipating what’s about to happen…he turns his head and looks to another fire man who has the manliest crowbar I’ve ever seen and says in a low commanding voice – “Pry it.”

Within 2 minutes they had the door open and he walked right out and straight to the bathroom right next door. Upon taking care of business he sat with the ambulance personnel who takes his blood pressure and clear him of any injuries and the show was over.

Video will soon be on YouTube I’m sure, but for now enjoy the fun picture I caught from my phone.

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